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Paving the way for a whole new culture in the 21st-century packaging industry.


Symbol of New Prime

Design Intent

The basic logo mark symbolizes one big square (company) made up of nine smaller circles (employees). The three other small circles (company, employee, customer) are connected together to form the “N” letter, representing the company’s initial.

The blue color represents the “tree” of the Five Elements of Yin and Yang, used to mean creation and life.
It is also a color that symbolizes new life at sunrise, as well as all sorts of fortune.
In Korea, blue represents the sea and sky. Blue also psychologically means coolness, cleanness, freshness, and cleanliness, as well as heartfelt wishes, meditation, eternity, diligence, and youth.

Since time immemorial, the green color has long represented life.
Green signifies eternal youth, life, and hope. It also soothes our souls, keeping them peaceful. And it relaxes our minds and muscles filled with tension.
Finally, the color evokes spring that provides the riches of Mother Nature, indicating the rebirth, growth, and prosperity of life, as well as overflowing energy.

Signature Landscape Version of New Prime

Signature Portrait Version of New Prime

New Prime’s Signature Slogan in Korean

New Prime’s Signature Slogan in English

Color Rules

PANTONE Reflex Blue C


PANTONE Cool Gray 1 CP 50%