About us

Paving the way for a whole new culture in the 21st-century packaging industry.

Vision and Strategy

Future Growth Strategy

Market expansion strategy
  • Suggest solutions that allow us to create and share value along with insight, technology, and innovations that can boost customer wants시
  • Provide top-quality products and services through high-mix, low-volume manufacturing and sale to many countries
Technology enhancement strategy
  • Foster key talent that will develop and operate high-performance, eco-friendly materials
  • Align industry-university partnership activities with our development efforts; actively and continuously develop high-performance and eco-friendly materials and develop technologies that help utilize such materials
  • Use as reference points those products, technologies, and equipment developed through technology partnerships and joint ventures with international companies
  • Present our vision that we are selling not just products but the source of our pride, stressing our responsibility to the world and local communities
Managing the organization
  • Present a practical vision; encourage employees to take pride in their jobs
  • Build a ‘luxury’ hiring brand; create a workplace that increases potential value in employees, where employees want to work
  • Foster model leaders. We need talent that can set examples to attract other talent with potential
Managing business operations
  • Best-in-class expertise : Delivering specialized products using technology
  • Streamlined system : Through a streamlined process, improve productivity and reliability and inspire going back to basics to foster a sense of community
  • Creative management : Pursue common goals and shared value through creative conflict, creative agility, and creative unity
  • Fostering innovative leaders : Foster talent with inclusive leadership to pursue common goals and shared value

Vision and Strategy

At NEW PRIME, we guarantee best-in-class expertise, precision quality, and trustworthy products.

  • Manufacturing Technology

    Precision quality achieved through technology

    Zero defects and specialized products

  • Rationalized System

    Rationalized processes and systems

    Through rationalized and accurate processes, we improve productivity and the reliability of our products

  • Quality Management

    Quality, Creativity, Customer Satisfaction

    We deliver top quality and customer satisfaction based on creativity and our adherence to principles.