Paving the way for a whole new culture in the 21st-century packaging industry.


The company’s most valuable priority is talent

Competent talent with willingness to take risks and creative passion, a strong sense of morality, global sensitivity, and expertise!
This is the talent we value and want to lead NEW PRIME to a better future.


Employees Adhering to Right Way and Principles

At NEW PRIME, our employees always adhere to the basics and principles.
In carrying out any business, we do not hesitate to pursue the right way.


Employees Taking Risks Passionately

At NEW PRIME, our employees ceaselessly pursue innovation with a positive attitude.
Our employees work hard to promptly put their creative thinking into practice and make it produce outcomes.


Employees Pursuing Collaboration and Harmony

At NEW PRIME, our employees communicate and understand one another with an open mind.
They care for and respect one another based on the assumption that they always rely on others to help with their work..


Employees Striving to Become Global Leaders

At NEW PRIME, our employees strive to become globally leading professionals in their areas of specialty.
They always learn, study, and focus on their professional development.

Hiring Process

About Hiring