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Our Facilities and Capacity

Product name Size Yearly production capacity Remarks
Spinning machine 110mm-1250mm×2P 10,000 ton
Water jet weaving machine WN-HL-3200 13,000,000 m
WN-HL-2900 14,500,000 m
WN-HL-2600 3,600,000 m
WN-HL-1800 5,800,000 m
WN-HL-1500 13,000,000 m
Circular weaving machine STAR-8-1600 4,000,000m
Coating machine 130mm-1800L 60,000,000 m
105mm-1500L 60,000,000 m
135mm-3350L 60,000,000 m
Corona processing/rewinding machine 2600L 80,000,000 m
Drilling/rewinding machine 3500L 70,000,000 m
Gravure printing machine 3 Color 35,000,000 m
Hot melt bonding 3,300mm 36,000,000 m Spray nozzle type
Bagging machine DM-102-4PF 18,000,000 pcs
Semi-automated sewing machine 4D-2F 22,000,000 pcs