About Us

Paving the way for a whole new culture in the 21st-century packaging industry.

Message from Us

At NEW PRIME, in striving to become the very best, we have planted every single grain at the forefront of the industry, put down our roots, and borne fruit with our risk-taking and pioneering spirit.

To satisfy our customers through our tireless R&D efforts, we are taking big steps forward at NEW PRIME.
With the technologies we have developed based on our dreams, ambition, creativity, and hard work, we are paving the way for a whole new culture in the 21st century packaging industry.

At NEW PRIME, we offer a wide range of packaging products, including PP, PE Coated Woven Fabrics, Breathable Non-Woven Fabrics, House Wraps, Roof Underlayments, Tarpaulin, PP Bags, and Covers. This diversity grew from NEW PRIME’s great craftsmanship.
At NEW PRIME, we think twice from our customer’s perspective to deliver flawless products.

Now, we promise NEW PRIME will become the trustworthy company that meets your expectations.

All employees at NEW PRIME Co., Ltd.